Car Valet

We provide solutions for all vehicle valet applications. Whether you are a valet specialist, workshop or an image-conscious fleet manager, we provide a comprehensive range of quality cleaning chemicals both effective and economical.

PRODUCTS FOR EXTERIOR USE - Available in 5lt & 25lt
ALU-KLEEN Fast acting aluminium cleaner and brightener for mags
DESOLVE Heavy duty degreaser for engines
INSTA BLACK Liquid tyre dressing
KLEENZOL Concentrated liquid detergent/shampoo for body work
POWERSOLVE Removes diesel build-up from truck bodies & grease from wheel rims
WASH & WAX High quality shampoo and shine for body work
WINDOW KLEEN Streak free window and mirror cleaner
CONTRACTA KLENZ Economical liquid detergent/shampoo for body work
CONTRACTA GLASS Economical streak free window and mirror cleaner
PRODUCTS FOR INTERIOR USE - Available in 5lt & 25lt
DASH SHINE Rubber and vinyl cleaner/protector for dashboard and any plastic vinyl trims
KLEEN LIFT Upholstery spot pre-spray for cloth seats & carpet prior to steam cleaning
KLEENSOLVE Water based degreaser - useful solution for steam cleaning units
MEDIFRESH Floral air freshener and disinfectant
KLEENBLUE Lavender air freshener and disinfectant
SILICONE D Vinyl cleaner with no smell
SILICONE CLEAR Vinyl cleaner with smell
MUTTON CLOTH 500g bundles
WASTE RAGS High coloured absorbent cloth (5kg bundle)
DELICATE PADS White, blue or black delicate scouring pads for stubborn stains
GARAGE ROLLS Garage roll paper is ideal for use at garages or workshops (stands available)
MICROFIBRE CLOTHS Soft absorbent cloths - available in 5 colours