Kitchen Hygiene

DISHWASHING MACHINE - Available in 5lt and 25lt
DISHBRITE Automatic dishwashing powder detergent
KLENZMATIC Automatic dishwashing liquid detergent
KLEENRINSE Dishwashing machine rinse aid
FOOD AND GRILL COUNTER - Available in 5lt and 25lt
BACTERICIDE Organo - chlorine disinfectant detergent powder.
KLEENGEL Thick liquid bleach
KITCHEN KLEEN Disinfectant detergent - no smell, no dye - NRCS registered.
KLEEN APC Economical alkaline water based detergent and degreaser.
KLEENGREASE Floor degreasing powder (heavy duty alkaline)
KLEENSCRUB Foaming scouring powder
STRIKE Perfumed disinfectant degreaser. NRCS Reg.
OVEN KLEEN For cleaning and decarbonising ovens & grills
POWERKLEEN Non ammoniated bath and tile cleaner
POWERSOLVE Heavy duty degreaser
PURAKLEEN Concentrated lemon dishwashing liquid
SNOWBRITE High quality liquid bleach @ 3.5% active chlorine
STAINAWAY Removes tannin stains from cups, urns, etc.
STEELKLEEN Stainless steel cleaner
CONTRACTOR RANGE - Available in 5lt and 25lt
CONTRACTA BLEACH Liquid Bleach @ 2.5% active chlorine
CONTRACTA DISH General purpose economic neutral detergent
CONTRACTA GREASE An economic oven and grill cleaner and decarboniser
CONTRACTA SAN Ammoniated economical bath and tile cleaner
DRAIN CLEANING CHEMICALS - Available in 5lt and 25lt
BLOW OUT Drain cleaning liquid
BLACK DIP Coal tar type liquid for drains, ablutions etc.
KLEEN DRAIN Fast acting flakes for clearing drains blocked by grease and fats
PINEDET Concentrated pine detergent for drains, sinks, refuse bins etc.