Laundry Products

We offer a superior range of laundry products providing the professional launderer with a solution to almost any problem.

WASHING DETERGENTS - Available in 5kg & 12.5kg
AUTOKLEEN 300 Super low foaming powder used in all automatic laundry machines
AUTOKLEEN SUPER Superior low foam powder containing enzymes for protein stain removal
BELGEN All purpose detergent powder-medium to high foam
PURAWASH Concentrated medium foaming powder for manual wash / top loaders
CONTRACTOR RANGE - Available in 5kg & 12.5kg
CONTRACTA SUD Economic low foaming laundry powder for automatic machines
C/SUD SPECIAL MIX Low foam perfumed powder for automatic machines
BLEACHING AGENTS - Available in 5lt & 25lt
SNOWBRITE Liquid chlorine bleaching agent with a 3,5% active chlorine
KLEENGEL Thick liquid chlorine containing surfactant
SUPER WHITE Concentrated chlorine bleaching powder
CONTRACTA BLEACH Liquid Bleach @ 2.5% active chlorine
LAUNDRY PRE-TREATMENT - Available in 5lt & 25lt
COLOURSOAK Concentrated biocidal laundry soak, for removing protein based stains
PINE GEL A pine gel cleaner, for removing grease and oil stains from clothes
KLEENLIFT A laundry prespray for removing soil and grime from collar
STERISOAK Liquid laundry deodorant soak for control odours form soiled linen in sluice rooms
LAUNDRY CONDITIONER - Available in 5lt & 25lt
KLEENTEX SOFT Concentrated fabric conditioner which softens and neutralizes washing
CONTRACTA SOFT Economical fabric conditioner which softens and neutralizes washing
BACTERICIDE Organo - Chlorine disinfectant detergent powder. 50 x 30g sachets.